Billal M Mirza


Freelancing at Good or Bad?

28th March 2013
Overview To work comfortably in a lonely corner of our home is a blessing, no one can deny. But not everything that glitters is gold and not a matter of boasting walk in front of our social environment that we Freelancer!, Being a worker has a lot of fr... Read >

My freelancing Experience

20th February 2013
For more than eight months to work as a freelancer and would like to share with you my perspective on this type of work. First see existing tools to become freelancer without leaving home (and even without previous contacts) and then mention the pros and ... Read >

Growing Field of Mechatronics

17th September 2010
Mechatronics is the synergistic mixture of Mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Control engineering and System Design engineering to design and develop useful products. Due to development of fiber optics and other ... Read >