Freelancing at Good or Bad?

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Published: 28th March 2013
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To work comfortably in a lonely corner of our home is a blessing, no one can deny. But not everything that glitters is gold and not a matter of boasting walk in front of our social environment that we Freelancer!, Being a worker has a lot of free good, too much of something bad and ugly.

Like everything else, freelancing has a friendly face and so what can be wrong if want to be a freelancer at At first glance you may say little or nothing, when one is immersed in these issues begin to discover unknown aspects and can even change the way you think about it.

The good
1. We work from our home, office is near to us; the passage is very cheap and not have to meet a schedule to the letter.
2. There is no boss to answer to, nor bad jokes, or hear their cries all day.
3. We are the only stewards of our time, if ever we were skulking in bed, we can solve lengthening the schedule "office".
4. We can work wearing anything if that helps us to be more creative.
5. Listen to music all day is another advantage, provided they do not disturb our neighbors with the volume.
6. The time you devote to each task shall be your responsibility and you can manage according to taste and likes.
7. Need not have to go outside to smoke a cigarette.
8. As we eat at home, the allowance is reduced considerably.
9. Need not be the colors of a particular company. We have already placed our personal colors.
10. We can work and lavish attention to our significant friends or pets.

The Bad

1. Being lazy or sleepy can make us lose many jobs/projects.
2. Our spouse will face us all day, every day. Many times in cool looks, disheveled and unshaven (in the case of husbands / partners / others) and would be running seriously threatening romance.
3. You run the risk of failing to separate from work every day. Our loved ones will claim our attention. I recommend having a separate place from the rest of the house, set a schedule and when this is fulfilled and demos ended our work, close the "office" and "back home".
4. You run the risk of not being taken seriously by many people. Many believe that if we do not work in an office from 9 to 5 is not a job.
5. You run the risk of having to care for children. Just saying "I cannot I'm in the office" cannot be convincing.
6. It is very likely that we have to prepare our lunch every day.
7. Our work week may have 7 working days and no overtime charge.
8. You have to be much more disciplined than when working in an office.
9. No more emergency drills, so we are looking forward to the time away from the office.
10. Stay away from certain social security protections.

Important Tips

1. Taking too many jobs/projects at once, surely we will disperse and we will find it difficult to comply in a timely manner with everyone. So take as many jobs/projects as you can handle satisfactorily.
2. If we are just beginning in this, we must arm ourselves with patience; a first contract can be long in coming. So never give up.
3. Some customers may cheat with their payments. Therefore it is important to find out who is the very well trying to hire us.
4. Working from home makes us lose sociability, which is important when it comes time to be creative.
5. We are doomed to have Internet access; otherwise it will be very difficult to find work, much more today.
6. We will not have a boss, however, have more than one, every customer who hire us. So be the employee of every customer, treat them as boss.
7. Lack of self-discipline, which is essential if we are thinking of being a freelancer. This could take our professional image downwards. So be disciplined.

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