Growing Field of Mechatronics

Published: 17th September 2010
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Mechatronics is the synergistic mixture of Mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Control engineering and System Design engineering to design and develop useful products. Due to development of fiber optics and other light technologies, optical engineering and fiber optics are now included into the courses and are replacing some other electronics subjects. The word mechatronics is defined as a multidisciplinary engineering system design, it does not break up engineering into separate parts. According to French standard "mechatronics is the synergistic amalgamation of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering and computer science within product design and development, in order to enhance and/or optimize its performance.

A mechatronics engineer brings together the principles of electronics, mechanics, and computing to produce a simpler, most cost-effective and reliable system. Mechatronics is based on computing, control engineering, electronics, mechanics, molecular engineering and optical engineering, which make possible the development of easier, economical and dependable systems. An industrial Robot is very good example of a mechatronics system, it contains features of electronics, computing and mechanics to do its regular work.

Now the main problem with mechatronics is not to put into action a control system but how to implement actuators and what is the power resource. In mechatronics there are two main technologies that used to produce the movement, one is piezo-electic actuators and motors and second is electromagnetic actuators and motor. For energy sources, mostly applications use batteries. But now new development is coming, that is energy harvesting, allowing transforming into electricity mechanical energy from vibration, shock and thermal energy from thermal variation. A rising alternative of this technology is biomechatronics, whose function is to put together mechanical parts with human being, usually in the form of detachable devices like an exoskeleton. It is "real-life" version of Cyber ware.

Doors of innovative industrial sector are opened, for Mechatronic system engineer, which breaks up mechanical tools, actuators, sensors and fixed electronics in which a system engineering approach is more and more present, in a worldwide environment. Examples contains the design and corroboration of higher technologies and common public products, such as micro-technics, Micro-systems domain etc, and also transportation sector such as aeronautics, automotives etc. The planned agenda in the Mechatronics System specialty prepare for different professions needing cross-disciplinary skills.

The mechatronics systems program trains students for their professional career, and also allows students to research career with the opportunity to earn a PhD in one of the laboratories linked with the program in order to get deeper knowledge obtained during the master program. During the PhD, the opportunity is available to enter into French-German Doctoral College, connected to mechatronics field, in which UTC and TU Braunschweig works together.

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