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Published: 20th February 2013
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For more than eight months to work as a freelancer and would like to share with you my perspective on this type of work. First see existing tools to become freelancer without leaving home (and even without previous contacts) and then mention the pros and cons. So if you want to be freelancer and student as good with social relations, this article could serve you better.

How to get started?

There are numerous websites devoted exclusively to it: to serve as a bridge between contractors freelancers (programmers, designers, translators, business consultants, managers etc.) and companies or individuals who require such services. The most important ones I remember now are:,,, among others. Currently using for work, so it is the tool under which I will give my point of view.

Such companies are ideal to start in the world of freelancing, since it is not necessary to have any previous experience and makes it much easier to find customers. First of all, how do these businesses work? Well, it is basically an online job bank:

You as a freelance, create a profile which is basically a virtual CV (like LinkedIn).
Employers/Students post jobs/projects of various types (PHP, Java, Android, iPhone, Translations, Business Management, Engineering, Math, Accounts and Finance etc.)
You can send proposal to work as it deems appropriate, which is a process of hiring.
If you get hired on a job, define mode of payment. (The price per minute is accounted for by special software, which basically monitors while we are Chatting with clients).
You receive payments in various ways: Direct appropriations to our bank account, PayPal etc.

Pros of freelance work

Profitability: it is certainly more profitable than conventional work. I will not go into details of my earnings but to give you an idea, since I work as a freelancer earning 300% more than before. Furthermore, we must bear in mind that I lack to be adept decades, which means that any novice programmer like me can have significant gains.

No need to be professional: at least in America (I guess that happens everywhere), when looking for work and do not have a professional degree, employers take advantage of this and pay what they please. Any excuse to limit revenue programmer (be a student, no previous experience, not having nice legs, etc). Such problems do not exist in companies like Solution Inn: hire him because they know they have knowledge and skills to do the job and you get paid on that basis. In fact, you decide how much to pay.

Less Monotony: one of the reasons why you lose the taste for work is monotony. The routine becomes unbearable, which significantly affects productivity; we lose interest in what we are doing, etc. Working as a freelance, 90% of projects do not last more than three months and therefore are always doing and learning new things.

Working at home: Do you have to meet a schedule? Do you have to get up early? Hate public transport? Well, for those reasons I love my new lifestyle. Before, I slept four hours a day, now I sleep seven or more. My office is three feet from the bed. When I am bored I play with my dog, when I am tired I sleep in my bed.

Changing bosses: hate your boss? What if you could change a boss every two months head? Actually I have no complaints 80% of bosses I have had, but not bad to know that you can change each contract manager.

Cons of freelance work

Possible instability: When working with a conventional office, you have a secured income (or almost). Even if there is little (or nothing) to do, you still receive a fixed salary. Furthermore, freelancing involves constantly looking for a new project, and sometimes that can have long periods of time in which not have any active project. Personally, what I have lasted as Unemployed being freelance has been 6 days. Nothing serious, but it does not hurt to keep in mind.

Work from home: yes, it also has its cons. You may be easily distracted: the son for help in a job, the dog biting our shoes, the TV, a pot burning in the kitchen etc. What is recommended here is to have a separate room, with an environment conducive to work and away from distractions as much as possible.

You need to know English: If you do not speak and / or write English in a decent way, it is difficult to get new jobs/projects. Note that most of the customers are Americans, British or Arabs (who speak English, of course).

There are still many issues to be addressed in this regard, but I do not want to overload this article anymore. Thank you very much for your time.

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